28 -31 October 2019

By Tania Stokes 

What an amazing time we all had to connect with people that the house has some long established  relationships with – like Dr John Kelly, Hubie Synn, Andrew Heard and many others.   God opened doors for introductions to be made and new relationships to be built.  We had the privilege to listen to various talks and some of the highlights were presented by Dr John Kelly, Dennis Peacock, Joseph Mattera, Lance Wallnau.  Apostle Natasha was also connected with David and Tina Vaka from Australia that leads numerous churches in Australia, New Zealand and some of the islands.

I was listening and observing all the different apostles interacting and sharing with one another. The was the best I have ever heard Apostle Natasha communicate who she is and what the House of Ariel Gate does. It was as if her message had a clarity to it that others could grasp and understand. These were God moments that were precious times of ministry amongst them all.

“There are those that talk about it or those that do it.” Dr John Kelly
When I heard Dr Kelly say these words I realised that The House of Ariel Gate under the leadership of Apostle Natasha is ‘those that do’ what is on God’s heart.