By Anton Barnard

” The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.”
Psalm 34:7-10 King James Version (KJV)

The 2018 Ariel Gate Free State Conference was hosted over the past weekend at Perez Firehouse, Bothaville.  Those who attended the Conference were blessed to have as their speakers: Apostle Natasha Grbich and our own Fransi van Wyk.  Nobody was left untouched by the Word.

It is extremely important, that as many believers/non-believers as possible, receive the revelation imparted by them.  Therefore, please find a way of getting hold of the teachings (CDs and DVDs available from the Ariel Gate Bookshop).

You will then better understand the context of some of the Conference phrases below:

*  You are always in a spiritual fight.
*  We need to break the cycles, that keeps us in bondage and which prevent our breakthroughs from happening.
*  You will be drawn once again to repentance; understanding the importance of cleaning up your heart (winning the battle/fight within first); attracting the Lord when you honour, revere and worship Him (switch on the light inside of us, light attracts light); creating a landing place for the Lord; that He may encamp within us; building structures inside of us (libraries), that may hold the blessings which we receive from Him.
*  How much of Jesus is in me…

*  What do I look like?

*  I need to change.

*  I need to manifest Jesus to people.

*  The light in me must shine on them!

NOTE:  The Lord gave Issie Liebenberg the number 1306 for the Free State Conference
(The number appears on a dilapidated road sign, which he passed numerous times during the time building up to the conference, this word summed up what Apostle Natasha preached re the manifest presence of God that looks like the light shining through something:

Strongs:  1306 diaugázō 
(from 1223 /diá, “through, thoroughly,” intensifying 826 /augázō, “shining at dawn”) – properly, to shine through at dawn, referring to God’s holy brightness breaking through every form of spiritual darkness (used only in 2 Peter 1:19).

Here is some feedback from others that attended the conference:

I praise the Lord who is able to answer even before we ask. To me God gave me an answer for my concern. I was at the stage of being stagnant.  I felt that there is something missing with my warfare strategies. As I was engaging in warfare prayer it took a long period to see the breakthrough. Most of the time I would also experience the backlash of the enemy. I felt that it was time to change the strategy and to intensify the battle but did not know how. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Franci and Apostle N. I came out from the conference knowing that there is a way out from the vicious circle I was ins.
I came to realize that as I complain my light is decreasing and even if I had  an angel to assist  he cannot stay or remain because there is no light to attract him.
Repentance is a sure way to increase my light. As I repent more light come forth and as the light is shining through more flaws are revealed and more repentance takes place and eventually there will be more light and the will be a space where the angel of the Lord will land because angels are attracted to light.
I also learned that I must not be satisfied with the angel for this is not the highest level of warfare.  I must seek the presence of God. The essence of God’s presence is His glory. As I continue to repent and to worship the glory of God in me will shine forth which is Christ in me the hope of glory.
At this level there is no backlash from the enemy. Battles are won and the Kingom of God is advanced.
Ps Maki Ramasile (Welkom)

The apostle of The House of Ariel Gate, Natasha Grbich and Fransi van Wyk, leader of the Perez firehouse ministered the word to us in an exceptional way with the theme circling around “The Lord Of The Battle”.
We are always involved in a battle, with our heart and mind and the internal arguments in us, the battlefield. It is our responsibility to close the door to these battles in our own life. We do this by aligning our thought patterns with His Word and by cleansing ourselves from everything in us that is negative and not “Christ-like”. By doing this we move into a place of greater “light” – resembling greater truth and holiness. In this way we build a structure and platform that can hold more of God and His glory. In other words, the light in you will attract heaven. “The Lord encamps around those who fear Him” – Ps 34:7
As in the days when the angel told Joshua that he is on the Lord’s side, we must adjust our lives to God’s standard. Only then will we be able to win battles.
The highest weapon of spiritual warfare is the weight of His presence (J. Goll  9/10/2018). His presence, His glory and the understanding of Who He is, need to manifest through us to the world around us.
Dr Erna Visser (Bothaville)