10-21-2015 7:26:15 AM

16 – 18 October 2015

“The Mountain of the Lord’s house, shall be established on the top of the mountains”
Isaiah 2:2

What a privilege to visit Lesotho! People were so excited to meet and greet Apostle Natasha. It was clear that there is such a hunger for what God had in store for them and their nation over the weekend.

Apostle Natasha spoke on Isaiah 2 and really dug deep into the scriptures and gave a comprehensive understanding about what it means and entails to climb a mountain. If you want to see the establishment of the House of God on a mountain – it will mean that you will need to go through some stress, some physical trials, even spiritual ones, in order to climb the mountain.

Apostle Natasha explained about what it means to Halak with God and that it is not always sunshine and roses, but that it is about your personal relationship with Him.

On the Sunday we had the honour of witnessing the establishing of the Lesotho Fire House with all of its members. We trust that the Lord will grow this Fire House from strength to strength in Him.

This was our 3rd Conference in Lesotho and based on the people’s invitation and excitement, it will not be the last.

Looking forward to our next visit!