20 February 2018

What a privilege we have as The House of Ariel Gate to have experienced such an incredible, humble, spiritual father like Dr Richard Heard.  He flew in and then immediately flew out again, just to be able to come be with us for that one night, but oh!…  “What a night it was”.

He really took us back to the basics, like a daddy, and spoke to us about how ministries are formed, how the vision is given, and how he has responded to God in his personal situation where he has been given responsibility by God. Dr Heard always is about demonstration as well as the intellectual understanding, and he demonstrated by example and clarified by teaching.
Dr Heard reminded us of the original vision God has given us, how the ministry started, and what the important specifics where to us. The parallels with prayer and intercession was amazing, very encouraging and got us into travailing mode for the Travailing Intercession weekend that was in three days!
He explained that we need to start with a resetting of our own relationship (passion/fire) with the Lord, before we can start with the reset of the ministry for the Lord.

He demonstrated with examples in his own life, that everything in ministry starts with submission and servanthood, and that it should be the essence of being part of the team in the house. His example about Lucifer going with his own vision and then being thrown out of heaven was a “wow” moment.

If you see yourself as interested in being part of The House of Ariel Gate, or you have a vision or church that needs some help with explaining and defining these truths, then this message will definitely be a MUST listen, one that will always be an essential truth for members and leaders for years to come.

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