By Beverley Chongo

We just recently started doing a project called HONORING OUR ELDERS in Mitchell’s Plain.  I am teaching primary and high school girls in my community to crochet.

The first item they are learning to crochet is going to go to our elderly in the local old age home.  We are making them a blanket just to cover their legs while watching TV, etc.  We also adding something sweet and a card for them in a gift bag.

Many of them have been forgotten about by children and family members, so as the community we want to let our elderly know we have not forgotten about them.  We want to hear their stories and also share our greatest story of love with them.

What this project has done, is that it keeps our girls busy and off the streets, and the main thing is to honour and love and respect for our elderly.  Above is a photo of the girls having some crochet time and girls talk at my house.

To finish this project we are in need of more wool.
If you know of family and friends or anyone having bits and pieces of any left over wool they don’t use or they don’t want, we will be more then interested to use.

We have so far finished twenty blankets!