November 2018

While in Dallas, USA, Apostle Natasha met with John E Thomas for a light lunch and a catch up…  They had so much to share, that John invited Apostle Natasha to chat on Streams Ministries YouTube program “Conversations with ….”  to continue with their discussion, and what an interesting discussion it was…
(Steams Ministries will be sharing it on their YouTube channel in the near future)

After taping in the studio at Streams, John asked Apostle Natasha come share at the prophetic school, starting that evening at Sojourn Church, he wanted her perspective about Repentance and why it is so needed for the prophetic.

What an amazing journey it’s been….and it’s still unfolding.

Thank you to John E Thomas!

PS: We are excited to be able to announce that John E Thomas will be one of our speakers at our 2019 Summit
(happening 11 – 15 September 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa).