19 – 22 September 2019 

The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously, it must not go out.
(Leviticus 6:13)

We stood completely amazed in the physical Presence of the Lord in this summit that remains unexplainable with mere words! This newsletter has to have words – so bear with us as we try to express with a few comments!  Lisa was able to accidentally capture on her cellphone the gold flash of angelic appearances coming in and out of the Sunday worship while Apostle Timothy Carscadden was decreeing what he was seeing in the Spirit. It was all unplanned and a really good surprise. 

Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed for this summit – the results are in, and the Lord’s team won! Incredibly anointed speakers, worship from heaven, and for many people a real touch from the Lord.  Everyone who attended reported that the summit was an encounter on a different dimension, an impartation that changed them for eternity…… “we will never be the same”, and other such remarks continue to flood the office with lots of thanks giving of the thankfulness of the Lord!! 

Our Speakers for this Summit were:

*  Dr R Heard (USA)
*  Apostle Timothy Carscadden (USA)
*  John E Thomas (USA)
*  Apostle Natasha Grbich (South Africa)

In Apostle Timothy Carscadden’s words:

Just wanted to thank you guys for hosting such an amazing Summit and I can tell the people were moved into a greater realm of the purpose in the earth.  I am so thankful to be any part of it and I just want to make sure I am faithful to the prophetic I was given for your purposes.  

During the Sunday worship session, I was so taken away in the Spirit so deeply, it was difficult to come back into the natural realm.  Something happened that I was not able to finish sharing of what I saw.  It was when I saw the first set of those from among the Cloud of Witnesses.  As I was listening and watching them, I heard them begin to enter in, as they shared with me why they were in agreement.  They showed me that there was a true agreement of purpose in the meeting for the nation and this allowed them to join in for it was what they fought for while on the earth.  That was the sound they heard coming out of the spirits of those in the meeting.  It wasn’t about a physical sound, but rather a sound in the spirit that was being declared in the meeting, that was in their spirit while they lived.  All I can remember was I was about to say that and I heard Apostle Natasha say something about sound and I didn’t get to share what I was being shown because I was so gone in the spirit.  I apologize that I didn’t share that, but I was having a hard time coming back into the natural.  I felt these among the Cloud of Witnesses, were from around the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  

Then when I say the Cloud of Tribesmen who were coming out of the bush were carrying these unusual banners.  They were pure and they were running to our meeting with great excitement for the indigious people in the land.  I knew they had died martyrs deaths, but had great joy to come to the meeting as they too heard the same agreement in the meeting as the other cloud.  I knew they came from the south.  

Just trying to be faithful with what I was shown and please know I am praying into the fulfillment of what occurred at the summit.  

The sound of the men and the whistling in song was so unusual – we believe that there was healing from trauma on a cellular level, and people who attended have testified to the experience. Fortunately if you were not there – you don’t have to miss out, the DVD’s do have the worship and the teachings are a must for this next season! The teachings took us through a picture of the Tabernacle, we experienced passing over in Dr Heard’s sessions. John E Thomas taught us on altars, tabernacle imagery and levels of authority. Apostle Timothy Carscadden was amazing in his word for our nation – especially leading us to divorce witchcraft from the government – which we did in every language we could on Saturday night.

On Sunday we ended up with the glory cloud – an eleven year old asked her mom how anyone could see inside the hall because it was so misty! If you want to hear what the Lord is doing in this next season – get the material asap.

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