By Reuben Smit


Why do we choose to play the game the way the world dictates?

We allow our minds to be indoctrinated by the entertainment industry.

These fictional realities created by a secular world pervert our imaginations, they predispose our minds to sin, programing our subconscious, and preparing our minds to accept sin as the norm.

This cuts us off from our creator, while limiting our ability to function in the supernatural, it is created to distract us from the mission at hand, it limits our ability to imitate Christ and reach our full potential and destiny in Him.

We are part of the greatest game, the best story ever told.

You were in Him before the foundations of the world you were instructed on who you would be, and the great destiny he had in store for you.

You accepted the mission, and signed that you will take on this great commission.

You were born to the family you chose with all the challenges you agreed to face, these would mold and push you into who you are meant to be, if you only knew.

But you have forgotten who you are, and what you were created to be.

You feel lost, empty, and alone, you don’t know where to turn or what to do, but there is this small voice calling to you, open the door and let me in.

You don’t listen, you run around trying to fill the void with all this world has to offer, but you find that nothing in this world will do, nothing can quench this thirst inside of you, this deep hunger for truth.

You hear a message of this perfect character, the best player of all time, and He gave up His only life, every drop of His blood, so that you may also have a chance to play the game as He did.

But He didn’t just do that, He also left you with a secret weapon.

He has given you the ability to work with the most powerful force in the game, the very Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.

He guides you, He directs your footsteps, He enables you to receive revelation of the secrets and mysteries hidden in the very word of God.

This revelation is the key to winning the game, through it you purify your mind and heart, that you may see God.

Are you willing to be part of the real game, the game for souls, are you willing to lay down your life as Christ did, to see His Kingdom come.

So are you a player or just a spectator, will you not take part in the greatest story ever told?

Will you complete your race?

For He has stored up good works for you, remember our fight is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers that exalt themselves to high places.

He has stored up great treasure for you, greater than anything this world has to offer, an eternal Glory at His side, to Him be all the Glory, the honour and Power, forever and ever Amen.