Zeal For Your House Consumes Me

9-14-2015 12:00:00 AM

10 – 13 September 2015

“That’s when His disciples remembered the Scripture, ‘Zeal for Your house consumes me’.” John 2:17 MSG

After each conference or event we seem to think that it was one of the best. This was surely one of the memorable and noteworthy conferences. With incredible speakers from all over the world, Dr Richard Heard (USA), Apostle Timothy Carscaden (USA), Apostle Victoria Lindahl (Canada / Turkey) and last but not least the Apostle of the house Apostle Natasha Grbich (RSA).

Session 1: Spiritual Spatial Orientation Phenomenon – Dr Richard Heard
The word was remarkable – although it sounds unpronounceable! This impacted many people and brought healing to our identity in ourselves and our perceptions of our environment.

Session 2: The Marking – Apostle Natasha Grbich
The number 22 and the Key of David on another level!

Session 3: Carrying the Name of David – Apostle Timothy Carscadden
Apostle Timothy spoke about his dream of the battlefield were God used the least for the greatest challenges.

Session 4: The Challenge – Apostle Victoria Lindahl
Apostle Victoria is all about the Great Commission – and her ability to impart is evident in this message.

Session 5: Light vs Darkness – Apostle Timothy Carscadden
This is about the Yod and the Hey – instead of running away manifest your light in the darkness.

Session 6: Just One More – Apostle Victoria Lindahl
Every soul counts and you will be weeping for nations after you have heard this one.

Session 7: The Tribe of Judah – Apostle Timothy Carscadden
Apostle Timothy describes us as being part of this tribe and why we fit into the Judah characteristics. This message repositioned the house.

Session 8: Halak – Apostle Natasha Grbich
An exciting expose of this word – everyone needs to walk (halak) with God – back to Eden.

Session 9: Final Frontier – Apostle Victoria Lindahl
This is a testimony of a tested person – you need this challenge.

Session 10: The Mark & The Closing – Apostle Natasha Grbich & Apostle Timothy Carscadden
If you have the mark you cannot also get the Mark of the Beast! Peg your future for 5776 – 6 is about your inheritance and how to take and hold it.

Here is some of the recommendations / feedback received form members of the house, after the summit.

“Apostle Timothy spoke about the Zeal of the Lord (session 3) and how the least are being used because of the experience in their lives and how the Lord changed their lives. Isa 22:22. The yod and the hey, the yod that connects heaven to earth yod is the world to come and heaven is already dwelling within us. We are the hey to God and we are connected with the yod. 1 Cor 6:15 when you take God’s name off you you pull the hey and yod also off you. (session 5)
Apostle Victoria made me realise that we need to seek God’s heart for the lost and all the nations, and to ask God to feel what He feels so that we can have the same burden as He has for all nations.
Apostel Timothy spoke about transitioning from one season to another and as heaven gets closer to the earth there will be manifestations but those that are in Him will be at peace. He also said that your gift is a opertunity, your anointing will manifest in evil. He said that we are called to the darkest places. Dan 7:18.
The DNA of Ariel Gate is a Ezekiel ministry with a pioneer spirit. When we hitting something there is warfare Isa 40. Love it that we are of the tribe of Judah Rev4:4-5 And Rom 9-11. The call of Ariel Gate is to lay down their lives for others like Jesus. Judah birthed repentance in the earth. Judah means he who acknowledge your sins. Gen 49 and Deut 33:7.
Apostel Natasha spoke on Halak (session 8) and I loved the way she described the meaning halak. Doesn’t matter if you can talk the gospel you have to walk it every day, it is a lifestyle of walking with God. Gen 17:1 Ex18:20 Deut 5:33 Deut 8:6 Deut 13:4
Finally the pecking of all nations for the Lord! What a Summit!”
Belinda Havenga

“Apostle Tim’s message was challenging in the sense of running to the fight rather than running from the darkness. Franco really likes this. I’m not as brave.
It’s very difficult to identify only certain messages and as they are all good and all contain something that we can work on. However…
Victoria’s messages ignited again in both of us an appreciation for the value of individual souls which we had ‘lost’ in running with the prophetic. We were told some time ago that we needed to return to our first love.
The prophetic and revelation elements tend to be more abstract than practical and the nations more nebulous than individuals. We are neither of us ‘true’ intercessors who carry a burden or travail for nations. Franco is practical ‘hands on’ and I am more family oriented so I guess that’s why we loved Victoria.”
Ivonne & Franco Carnino

“Apostle Natasha explained that we are like IPAD’s. How does it stay working? You need to charge it, update it for new apps. The same is with us, we need to be connected with Christ, tune in with Christ to receive revelation. Christ in us the Hope of Glory and in Him is our strength, help and in Him we will be refreshed.
For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserve it, but because that was his plan from the beginning of time. To show us his grace through Christ Jesus. ( 2 Timothy 1:9) You can’t earn it. God chosed you!”
Uli Grabie