Kingdom Protocol Conference – Trinidad

6-29-2015 12:00:00 AM

26 – 28 June 2015

Finally, Apostle Natasha actually gets her pineapple and umbrella in the Caribbean – given to her after teaching intercession – with lots of salt and spices, would you believe!

The food was excellent, the people were very warm and welcoming, and the island was really beautiful. Apostle Andrew and his team had heard the Lord about this school! This literally set the trend for the teaching of Protocol for the year, Apostle Natasha is still amazed that the islands called her to teach on this particular subject!

This school was an entertaining and informative introduction on the subject of Protocol. The CD set will have you laughing and you will feel like the subject matter has you re thinking manners and etiquette from a Heavenly mind set.

The radio interview on the Thursday evening saw a soul saved which was an incredible sign of favour on the whole conference.

Watch radio interview: YouTube