By Yvette Hills

The presence of God was so tangible. Some wept, some received healing others felt the love of Our Heavenly Father and much more.

Apostle Natasha gave a teaching from her heart with a depth that will send you on the path of how to pray with emotional intelligence. “Prayer is coming home…”  she explained, we are able to enter in corporately into the presence of our Heavenly Father. Her teaching on how to worship and how to stay in the presence without coming out is excellent.

Apostle Natasha during her teaching allowed for practical demonstration, for example she responded to prophetic words given on the spot,  then she would explain after  three prophetic words were released that she could decide which one to flow into. As she lead us in song the atmosphere in the room of the presence of our Heavenly Father saturated the room and we could feel it was thick and heavy. She explained and demonstrated that you are able to access the anointing, even the anointing in a book, if you know how to step into the flow.

Apostle Natasha taught that once you are in the presence, rather wait a while, do not demand and pull out your list of needs but rather wait and worship Him, when He asks “What do you want?”
Do not take the ice cream…  best you get the CD.

As I am writing this and I imagine being there in that atmosphere all over again I am feeling the flow of the worship and the presence of Heavenly Father  and I feel like I am coming home Daddy, just to spend time with You.

Thank you to Apostle Natasha showing us her heart when she entered into the presence of God during prayer. You IGNITED us to long for more times of prayer.

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