African Coalition Of Apostolic Leaders
7-13-2017 12:00:00 AM

11 & 12 July 2017

By Apostle Natasha Grbich

We, the attendees of the African Coalition of Apostolic Leaders here in South Africa, count ourselves among the privileged few to have attended such an extremely weighty and equally anointed conference! One usually receives great information at a conference, or sometimes there seems to be great anointing, but then lacking in the quality or content of the teaching. We got it all in one package deal wrapped up with not only knowledge but wisdom and application also. It was for many a life changing even “aha” moment. Our appreciation to Dr John P Kelly for pouring into the leaders of this region, and to Dr Richard Heard for allowing us to lean on his experience and teaching. 

Apostle Joseph Adefarasin, the Convenor for Africa, suggested Johannesburg as the coalition’s 2017 conference in the Dallas ICAL meeting of November 2016. About a hundred and thirty people from different African nations responded, (about seven), and then also the United States of America. Nations included the Nigerians, Togolese, Americans, Ghanians, Zimbabweans, Botswana, Lesotho, and then the rest were mainly from South Africa itself.

Apostle Natasha Grbich, the Ambassadorial Apostle for ICAL, hosted the event with the team from the House of Ariel Gate. The long preparation for the event was evident in its success. The House had sewn into the event in prayer for over six months. We had just run A Day With Dr John P Kelly at this same venue a few days earlier, almost like we were given a practice run for the ACAL conference. The “practice run” showed in the smooth way the team and the venue’s staff administered the two days. It was excellent – was the given general comment.

Dr John P Kelly, Dr Richard Heard, Apostle Randy Brown, Apostle Joseph Adefarasin and Apostle Yomi Kasali, were the speakers and also the panel members. The program changed many times, and what seemed good to the Holy Spirit and us, was the strong presentation of Apostolic Leadership that emerged – as Apostolic Fathers, Leaders for the ministry and Leaders for the marketplace. Spiritual ministry and practical ministry was wisely balanced and many commented and appreciated the program based on the practical “walking it out” model presented to them.

The conference was a “heavy weight” explanation of true
Spiritual Fatherhood,
understanding of Spiritual Coverings,
what Apostolic Alignment really is,
and clarification of “doing life” from an apostolic world view, applied on an individual basis and also applicable from a national (or continental) perspective. We had some panel discussion on the African view of Fathering and lively questions and answers.

Taking the lead on the main subject (Apostolic Fathers and Spiritual Fatherhood) were Dr John P Kelly and Dr Richard Heard, the main subject coming through continuously was Spiritual Fathering and how that would pertain to the apostolic ministry in particular.

For most delegates including the attending Apostles, Bishops, Senior Pastors and other leaders, the content and it’s quality was “mind blowing” (said one Nigerian delegate). Many people at the conference and afterward, have reported to it’s intensity and impact on their lives and on their thinking. Dr Kelly believes in “change, change, change” – we got it and we saw it in every session! I believe that we will see the impact of these two days for many years to come, and my fervent prayer is that we could possibly have reset the future for generations to come. A few younger attendees seemed to communicate excitement and that they had received a massive Father’s impartation from the speakers, especially from Drs Kelly and Heard.

The DVD’s and CD’s from these two days could be very fruitfully employed as a leadership or even management curriculum in any business, fraternal, any leadership school, any developmental institution anywhere.