Leader’s Day With Dr John P. Kelly
7-9-2017 12:00:00 AM

8 July 2017

The Saturday all day intensive with Dr Kelly was an across the board exhilarating experience the report back was extremely positive from all we heard from. The attendees included business people, as well as full time ministers. In particular, we had some professionals who coach in their profession – they are involved in transition processes for their companies, and their comments were over the top. That fact should be telling

Dr Kelly did four, very intense, very packed sessions and in them he shared life lessons, as well as some of his journey as a Father, an Evangelist, an Apostle and also as a Businessman. It was an all-round inclusive success.

Any leader program, any church, any business would gain from the content of the DVD’s or the CD’s which are available from all these sessions.