Honour Your Father & Your Mother
5-14-2017 12:00:00 AM

Mothers Day – Polokwane – 14 May 2017

By Pierre & Tersia Goosen

Apostle Natasha was invited to preach at Taverna Dei City Campus, Polokwane, by Ps Benjamin Holmes.

Apostle Natasha taught on the commandment to Honour your Father and Mother – irrespective of who they are and how they behave. It is a Godly principle that at the first level of government you must honour your parents. God gave them to you as a first level of authority and discipline. If you do not give honour to the first level of government you can’t operate in any level of authority.

The relationship to your parents is a holy thing. And you are honouring the family’s DNA. And if you cannot honour your parents, how are you going to honour “The Original Parent”, who is your Creator, who is God Himself?

We have to come out of what “I like” thinking into what “He likes”. The way you treat people is a reflection of how you are treating God. Honour your mother and father, so that God can take pleasure in you because you kept the commandment that He gave to you.

Apostle Natasha shared from another level of her personal life to explain this commandment of honouring your father and mother to us – a very real and deep reflection of her own life.

We want to thank and honour Apostle Natasha and especially for the revelations and teachings she imparts to us, to bring us closer to Jesus – even though it is “Eina!”(ouch!).

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