Samuel Company – God’s Training Of A Holy Remnant
5-13-2017 12:00:00 AM

13 May 2017

By Pierre & Tersia Goosen

We went and did not know what to expect on the day of the conference. Khomotso Rapholo (Brix) started with an introduction, but that was so good that it then set the tone for a very powerful day, powerful is almost an understatement.

From the start, he hit the nail on the head, leaving no gap for anyone wondering what the Christian walk is all about. He brought us back to basics where we need to get some roots before we can bear any fruit. We certainly understood at the end of his message that we need to take responsibility for our own spiritual life.

Apostle Natasha picked up from where Brix left off… bringing to us different concepts such as:
it is not about your anointing but about your relationship with Jesus;
if serving is below you, then leadership is above you;
if you are not prepared to deal with generational stuff you won’t be able to impact the future;
the prayer life of your heart sets you up for the future;
your life has to contribute to what Jesus has already done
and a lot more, much of which made us go “Ouch!”

Apostle Natasha taught on the Samuel Company. She explained the birthing and characteristics of these prayer warriors. God will place you with others like you so you can take Nations.

Apostle Natasha’s teaching was confrontational. It was very direct and to the point. Something is either right or wrong – the ‘raw’ version. She shared using examples from her own life to explain concepts.

It was a powerful and thought provoking day!!

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