6 – 8 November 2018

We just attended the annual International Coalition Of Apostolic Leaders congress, in Dallas, USA, during November. We met Bishop Tudor Bismark there amongst other friends.

It was quite an experience to be with 43 international apostolic leaders who were all sharing their different perspectives of major changes within their own nations.  To sit among people who are literally changing nations was so incredibly humbling.

Various speakers shared valuable insights and training, about how transformation actually happens and what God is leading them to do to advance his Kingdom.  There was also a strong call to return back to prayer…

Here are some quotes that stood out amongst many:

*  Apostles should be game changers
*  Do something…
*  But if it could be done, how would you do it?
*  Facts change – truth never does
*  Apostles are called to be one, united in revelation, or else they will be united in persecution (Dr John Kelly)
*  What is wrong in the world….?   Christians are following signs and wonders, instead of, signs and wonders following Christians.
*  The mission begins when you leave the building
*  If it is a true anointing, it works – you don’t have to make it happen
*  Manhood and Christ likeness should be the same
*  Man without a vision for the future, will always return to his past
*  What you don’t deal with, is exactly what the enemy will use against you
*  If you forget your past (write it off), you are destined to repeat it

Speakers included:

Dr John P Kelly (International Convening Apostle), Joseph Adeferasin, Mark Beliles, Randy Brown, Gary Carter, Mark Chironna, Paul Cole, Ron Cottle, Harold Eatmon, Robert Engelhardt, Paul Gitwaza, Fernando Guiullen, Dana Gammill, Daniel Juster, Keith Johnson, Dan Juster, David Kamlamen, Lynn Kishaba, Roger Leyton, Buford Lipscomb, Francisco Loor, Lisette Malmberg, Joseph Mattera, John McElroy, Russ Moyer, Miguel Perez, Dennis Peacocke, Mark Pfeifer, John Polis, Rebecca Polis, Morris Ruddick, Dyke Rodgers, Hector Pardo, Obii Pax-Harry, Franklin Santagate, Charles Simpson, Kluane Spake, John Tetsola, Kimberly Thomas, Lance Wallnau, Barbara Wentroble.