As Sweet As Honey Poem

4-17-2017 12:00:00 AM

A Poem Released By Duard Botha At Convention
14 April 2017


Words, My honey, flowing over your lips
Transmitted by My Spirit through valleys, reaching mountain tips.
Cleansing, burning, creating, fulfilling, paving the way.
Before My powerful Word, nothing can hold sway.

Everything has been prepared for a time such as this.
Initiated before the beginning of time, so nothing will be amiss.
Carefully and wondrously placed in My spiritual atmosphere.
Ready to release you into your spiritual stratosphere.

Incline your ear to Me, hear what I have to say.
Adding nothing and taking nothing away.
Every Word precisely placed to execute My perfect plan.
Waiting to be plucked for the salvation of man.

“But Lord, it was supposed to be easy after salvation.
Dancing, laughing, singing, experiencing a tingling sensation.
Why does your real Word sound so foreboding.
Sometimes feeling like it needs serious decoding.”

Is all the sacrifice really necessary? You ask
Should it be so difficult to fulfil my heavenly task.
Realise this:
My Son’s suffering was not in vain.
His suffering caused Me endless pain.

No sacrifice too big or to small.
Only your planned destiny you must recall.
Your destiny is to bring in My nations for My Son.
Bringing salvation, deliverance, healing to everyone.