That I May Know Him

2-26-2017 12:00:00 AM

24 – 25 February 2017
By Sharon Peters

It was a great privilege for the Cape Town Fire House to host Apostle Natasha for our Ariel Gate conference in February. The scripture for this conference was “Oh that I might know Him” Philippians 3v 10. When I chatted with Apostle briefly in January I could hear such a passion for the Lord in her voice. This is what she brought to us at the weekend in unexpected ways. The number 2017 in the Greek Strongs is “epiphany”. That is what we need in our nation right now – a fresh revelation of who He is according to His Word. Apostle Natasha taught on the Body working as a team where every joint supplies. We should look like the brain when it is fully functional, sparking and full of the Glory.

She used an excellent example of how we often function by comparing our relationship with the Lord to a cell phone. We have immense potential but if we are not plugged in and fully charged we just live in survival mode. Just enough power for emergencies but nothing else. It seemed like a very simple message but the Holy Spirit really challenged us at such a deep level about our REAL relationship with Him and not what we project to one another. For days afterwards I felt as though we had been purged of outward appearance and unreality. He set His standard in our midst!

My hearts cry is always for the Ephesians gifts to flow together, especially the prophetic and apostolic. Nine years ago we did a conference with this in mind but could only land a very small portion of that vision. Unexpectedly, I saw this happen during this conference. Thank You Jesus! (I realise now we did not have the capacity then to land and hold what we saw in the spirit.) There was an amazing free flow between prophetic burden and vision and apostolic administration. Apostle Natasha has an incredible gift to discern where Holy Spirit is moving and knows just what to do in a meeting. We saw a fresh release of travailing intercession and a real increase and clarity in the prophetic. People left encouraged, equipped and ready for so much more.

Thank you Apostle Natasha