3 CD Set – Signs and Wonders – The Heavenly Encounter – and Bonus CD

Signs and Wonders:  On this CD, Jeff shares the testimony of how he was awakened at 11:22 pm into a physical encounter with two angels…

The Heavenly Encounter:  On this CD, you will hear the testimonies of individuals who encountered a personal visitation in the face of a beloved friend…  This message will help you develop a deeper hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, bring you into a place of more freely experiencing the manifest presence of God, and explain how God often uses sings and wonders to do so.

 Bonus CD:  On this bonus CD, Tom Hardiman of Morningstar Ministries, shares insights on The Visitation and others like it.  He was asked by the church in Cincinnati to come and give definition to what happened and explain that supernatural encounters like these are normal and need to be validated and embraced.

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Normal Price R170   –  SPECIAL FOR JUNE/JULY18:    R130