National Parliament Prayer Meeting, Cape Town

What an incredible honor to have Apostle Natasha Grbich and Fransi van Wyk with us in Cape Town.

Years of prayers and intercession manifested in this collision between heaven and earth as a Day of Prayer in Parliament, on the 18th of May 2018.
What a privilege to have witnessed this:

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng challenged us and asked “what is required from us to do things differently from here on?”  It is in Cape Town that our misunderstandings began and we will stop the cowardice and speak about things.  We went through what we went through so that we can take up our personal responsibility. He addressed the relational and trading issues between SA and Nigeria.  We are the two biggest economies in Africa and we hold a key to the rest of Africa.   We must stop to outsource our thinking responsibilities and take up what we are called to. He spoke on leadership and integrity and how Joseph has turned the economy of Egypt around because of integrity.

Mmusi Maimane from the DA, started off with Psalm 2:8 “Ask of Me, and I will assuredly give (You) the nations as Your inheritance,” his call was that we will stand up and speak against that which is wrong.
Dr Emmanuel Kure from Nigeria was the main speaker with his keynote as Isaiah 66:8 “Can a nation be born in a day?”

He prayed that the books of South Africa be opened in heaven and the court be seated and make them sit in judgment according to what is written in the book. (Daniel 7: 9-10).

We sang the national anthem including  “woza moya”  as one voice, when we sang Woza, Moya oyiNgcwele; it was just like we have practised for years at the AG conferences. A strong sound of unity was released.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible and a much longed for sound was issued in Parliament.

Dr Kure did a few prophetic actions and called out the 1st nations people with 3 Khoi San kings/chiefs and 1 person representing each of the 7 recognized kings in SA and 7 Afrikaners. Fransi was one of them.  He prayed and made declarations over them.

Another prophetic action was carried out between Rozanne Botha, (former President PW Botha’s daughter) and a Xhosa representative to represent the two people who started the reformation in South Africa.  He anointed and prayed over them.

Closer to the end he prophesied that 7 winds will blow over Southern Africa, the first one to start in June this year.  The winds of change are blowing.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, Mmusi  Maimane and Kenneth Meshoe stood unknowingly, as a beit din, and made declarations and prayed together over South Africa. We stood and sang “and Africa will be saved…the Holy must come down and Africa will be saved”

The 8 of us representing Ariel Gate were touched by this historic occasion.


Stanford FireHouse, Cape Town

Then off we went to the beautiful town of Stanford to the FireHouse of Rita and Cloete du Preez. Rita’s words describe it best:
“Perfect timing, Strategic, Breakthrough…” 
Some of the words to describe this watershed visit.

Between Apostle Natasha and Fransi the blueprint for the FireHouse in Stanford landed, we received practical advice, spiritual insight, healing, encouragement, empowering and the privilege to spent time with the amazing people of House of Ariel Gate.

The privilege of receiving them straight out of Parliament was challenging and empowering…
We are in awe of Jesus, the author and finisher …. “

Exhausted and revitalized we drove back to the airport, in order for Apostle and Fransi to be back in time for Pentecost. What an honour to have leaders with such high standards and capacity for even more!