This book is about what we have covered ourselves in as individuals, families and nations. Our clothing reveals us as naked yet believing we have such magnificent clothing. May God strip the lies off our eyes.

Now a “disciple” is someone who, in following Christ, is on to what is being said by
God and is discovering the “work-out routine” He is creating for them in those very same circumstances. Because God is a systematic Builder, building precept upon precept, line upon line (Isa 28:10 KJV), we can reasonably expect that, at any given time in our lives, there is a specific theme that God is working on in us.

Now who of us have looked at our lives recently to find the theme of the work-out routine God has developed in our lives currently to create discipleship in us.!!

Feeling sorry is beside the point – this is a nugget on repentance within the chapter “On the battle for our Families”…
“Obviously we need to repent. The important thing is to stop and change, and the first thing we need to stop and change is living for ourselves”
“It is hard work living for the future. It requires putting your life, your values and your energies into people and projects in a conscious planned way which, in the short run, may not necessarily be able to bless you. It requires planning, self-denial and present hardship. It is the way of the Cross.”

We at Ariel Gate often speak of ourselves as Pioneers. Dennis speaks on “Pioneering”. His definition of Pioneers are “the prophetic people of God who hear God’s footfalls when others hear nothing”
The heart and spirit of a pioneer should be in each of us, regardless of our mission.
The pioneer may not know that he is right. He has only the promise within him that God’s grace is enough for his faltering, courageous steps
If the pioneer has not set their face like flint before the battle begins, they will not be able to set it in the midst of battle.
Faces of flint, hearts of desperate commitment – pioneers must have both.

Of Radicals and Root structures. “The world has always been changed by true radicals, that is, men and women who perceived the root issues of their times and forced others to deal with the implications. Most men live quiet lives of dealing in symptoms; true radicals are drawn to those unseen forces that underlie and shape the visual and transitory. Radicals deal with principles, while politicians and the like deal with sentiments, opinions and achieving consensus.”

True Radicals reaffirm stabilizing truths while dreamers and power-seekers seek to clothe themselves with radicalism.


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