By Beverley Chongo

On Friday, 10 August 2018, some of the kids went to take the crochet blankets to the seniors at the old age home. It was a very emotional time for some of the elderly that never get a visit or a gift. We could manage to give 16 elderlies, a blanket and a chocolate.


The aunty with the red jersey, Ma Joerien, turned 98 on Friday and it was her birthday gift, she said.

 What an experience for our kids!!
The kids is now more excited to finish more blankets and bed socks for the elderly, they can’t stop talking about it!

We will continue the crochet drive as we promised the other elderly people. Our challenge to continue this project is still getting enough wool. So we want to ask if you know friends or family that don’t use their little bits of wool to consider donate their surplus to our projects.

The old age home also asked if we can do arts and crafts once a week with the elderly as they do not have anyone doing it at present.  We plan to train some adults in the community to crochet.

I am forming a group with the adults from different churches and teaching them so that they in turn will be able to teach the elderly.  This is creating an incredible opportunity for ministry.

Thank you so much for support and prayer!!
Much Love