Creating GOD Zones

6-26-2016 1:24:39 PM

After 6 years we had the pleasure of having Stacey Campbell from Canada with us at The House of Ariel Gate. She only had a few days and her programme was completely full! Stacey Campbell has always encouraged the vision of the House with her prophetic insight – she saw The House of Ariel Gate as a very strong prophetic bridal company, called with a particular mandate to pray for the nations. She helped us understand what that looks like for intercessors and prophets.

Stacey Campbell taught on:
Company of Prophets-Oneness (Session 2),
Holy Company (Session 4),
Holiness (Session 5),
and gave us this quote to remember:
“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Apostle Natasha explained the meaning of:
The Naiot Company (Session 1)
Creating A GOD Zone (Session 7)

We also had the opportunity to pray for Stacey Campbell praying through her bloodlines, 23 June 2015. Only to hear the very next day, 24 June 2015, of the British decision to leave the EU. This was very significant for us, as The Lord gave us strategic prayers about Europe and specifically the English banking system that we had prayed the previous day. We were shocked to see the Brexit news and then realise that we had prayed in alignment with world events.

If you would like to find out what happened exactly…

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