Seek The Ancient Paths…

6-1-2016 12:00:00 AM

26 – 29 May 2016

“Thus says the Lord:
“Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old (ancient) paths, where the good way is, and walk in it.”
Jeremiah 6:16

This year’s convention was incredible. We are lost for words. The Lord keeps building our knowledge and revelation and we realise how fortunate we are as the House of Ariel Gate to be able to have such incredible speakers at our conference, this year our speakers were:

Dr Richard Heard (USA)
Apostle Timothy Carscaden (USA)
Apostle Langton Gatsi (Zimbabwe)
Apostle John Osa (RSA)
Juliana Bosma (Austria)
Apostle Natasha Grbich (RSA)

The most fascinating part of our convention is how the speakers build on the previous speakers message. The Lord gives them all an impartation and anointing for the convention and they just build layer upon layer, brick upon brick.

Here is a short summary:

Session 1: What’s Next? – Dr Richard Heard
Dr Heard is asking the questions:
Where is the church and what are we doing to fulfil the devine mandate that has been played upon our lives to make sure that what God has revealed to us prophetically does not come to pass right now?
He gives us strategy.

Session 2: Little Hinges, Big Doors – Dr Richard Heard
The importance of small things.
Opportunities need to be taken, as you don’t know what it will result in and the significant of small hinges.

Session 3: God’s Family – Juliana Bosma
God created people to be His family. We as the church will be stronger if we work together as a family.

Session 4: The Olive Press – Apostle Timothy Carscadden
You have to go through a press to receive the vision.
The Dove has a single vision and The Lord is calling us to have a single vision on Him alone, not to be focused on things around us, but only be focused and influenced with what He wants us to do.
He wants us to have new encounters in the secret place (personal relationships).

Session 5: Dealing With The Ancient Paths – Apostle Langton Gatsi
Apostle Langton gives some practical steps and applications of how to return back to God. To deal with wrong generational inheritance / patterns and transform it into a Godly inheritance / pattern.

Session 6: Living The Extraordinary Blessed Life – Dr Richard Heard
Dr Heard explained that we have gone through life with a false identity of what our purpose and destiny is, and therefore need to go through adjustment, starting with changing our thinking patterns.
We need the character of God to be formed in us.

Session 7: The Council Of The Lord – Apostle Natasha Grbich
Apostle Natasha explains that there is a council in heaven and only Jesus can reveal the council. The council is an governmental assembly and decisions are made by these elders which is seated in the council.
We as christians need to see the vision and should be investing into this heavenly vision to establish this council on earth as it is in heaven.

Session 8: Ancient Paths – Apostle John Osa
Apostle John explains that the original ancient powers of God on the earth was shut down. It is up to us as a generation to seek a unlocking.
God’s ways will unlock and reveal the ancient paths.
A generation that can not seek the ancient path is a generation without honor, and if we can not seek these ways we will not receive the reward of the works of God.

Session 9: God’s Script – Apostle Timothy Carscadden
Apostle Timothy gives us the example of Joseph who received a promise from God, but then wrote his own script of what will happen to him. Joseph was purged due to character flaws.
We will just like Joseph be purged to make sure that we will be able to handle the promise, because the promise is to big to handle it with a bad character.
If we don’t deal with it and then judge God for our promises not coming to pass, the delay is on our side not God’s.
Seek first the council of spirit and might!!

Session 10: Give Me That Old Time Religion – Apostle Langton Gatsi
Apostle Langton gives us a new point of view of squatting…
He also explains that the Holy Spirit will lead us and give us inspiration in all aspects of our lives.
Listen closely to the voice of God…

Session 11: Closing Session – Apostle Natasha Grbich & Apostle Timothy Carscadden

For those that missed our convention you surely missed out. Thank goodness for CD’s and DVD’s as they are available at our Bookshop.