4 – 7 April 2019

Austria, such a beautiful picturesque country!  Full of luscious green valleys, blue skies and daffodils just starting to blossom, as spring is in the air, it felt like you had stepped into a photograph of National Geographic…  

Juliana Bosma from Haus David, Linz, invited Apostle Natasha Grbich to minister to her staff and others on the topic “Trading With Heaven.”  This was Apostle Natasha’s third visit to Haus David and she was surely greeted with great excitement.  

The topic of “Trading With Heaven” is something very new to the team of House David and they wanted more understanding and Apostle Natasha carries a vast amount of revelation on the subject, as God started giving her the revelation on the topic already in 2005.

As the school progressed the delegates were encouraged to ask questions and they truly came loaded with questions, this encouraged Apostle Natasha to teach out of the great well of understanding that she has. She also encouraged them to go and look into the Christian history of the area and to see what foundations that were already laid by the martyrs that went before… as they should be doing the completing work.

On the Friday, Austria had a scheduled evening of prayer from 18:00 to 06:00 which Haus participated in – we also joined in. 

Sunday was the highlight of our time as Apostle Natasha summarised the week’s school and gave an synopsis on “Trading With Heaven”.  We ended with prayers for Haus David and Apostle Natasha released the Moravian baton to Juliana Bosma and encouraged them to start praying for the nations, as we are called to be part of the great ‘Co-mission’ of Jesus Christ!!

We pray that Austria will come into the fullness of what they are called for!!