30 March 2019

This is the fourth Prayer Training Day in our Prayer Training Series… and how the Lord keeps amazing us with these training days.  Each one has been uniquely different.

During this “Prayer That Changes Things – Prayer Training Day” we learned that as intercessors we can not just pray whatever we feel like.  We need to listen and pursue God for His mind and for His will about a matter.

Apostle Natasha used the following example as an illustration of the purposes of intercession:

“Intercessors are technicians who are able to detect the danger; like detecting “THE BOMB” and go straight to where the wiring problem is and defuse it, in order to prevent if form exploding.”

What an incredible powerful way to explain what prayer should look like!

We ended the day with an intense practical session, by lifting Cape Town as a region before The Lord, as well as the Coloured People and repented and prayed for their redemptive purposes and  Godly identity to manifest on the earth.  Afterwards we received numerous testimonies of Coloured People that felt like they really had a place of belonging, which they did not feel that they had previously.

If you missed any of these Prayer Training Days we highly recommend you listen to it as it is not just a teaching you listen to but you are also receiving an impartation on prayer for The Nations!

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