23 March 2019

By Mieki Luff-Botha

It was such a privilege to have Apostle Natasha Grbich, Fransi and Johan van Wyk with us on the Saturday. Mitchell’s Plain prepared a feast with real Cape flavour! How incredible to have experienced the dance between Apostle and the Holy Spirit, it was life changing!  

The dance was introduced by “Who are we in Mitchell’s Plain?”  Apostle took the meaning of “Mitchel”, which is derived from the middle English/Old French, Michel, a vernacular form of Michael and she worked that name into a battle cry of identity. 

“Who is like God?” Just shout it out and you will hear it. “Who is like God?” Our answer to this rhetorical question in the face of every challenge and opposition is : “There is no one like our God”

A pattern for Ariel Gate Mitchell’s Plain, was laid to function out of and for God’s purposes to be planted and us to become a fruitful vineyard. This is indeed a New Beginning! Apostle also dealt with the money issues where Jesus overturned the tables. There was a tear in the womb of Mitchell’s Plain which was made by the hands of greed, looking for money.

Then our fiery Apostle tackled the issue of humanism and false grace which are building blocks for the anti-Christ system. We may never, ever devalue the Bible for our psychology or our own humanistic thinking. His ways and thoughts are always higher than ours and we cannot bring God down to our human level of understanding. We have to test ourselves regularly to see if we are still in the faith. 

The anti-Christ system is coming and your prayer life is still the same. What is changing?  If we stayed the same, we are in huge trouble.  We are here to see the nations come to Christ.

We also read out of 2 Peter 2 dealing with false teachers and prophets. Where is our standard of holiness?  We need praise and worship to break through the filthy conversation, that filthy sound that is in sin.  Miracles are not going to save our cities, but true repentance will. Miracles, signs and wonders are to follow us, not us following miracles.  God is not winking at our sin and let us go on with it. As we are entering Pesach, let’s search for the leaven with a feather. Where do we check for dust? Jesus is coming to visit and the feather of the Holy Spirit will come to inspect. We need to prepare to go to court.

Mitchell’s Plain, God reserved you for the last, in order to fight in one of the greatest end time battles and He chose you.  Trust His choice.

Thank you God for the gift of languages that You have placed into Apostle, she can speak heaven well and then translate heaven into our language, our “lekker local taal” and then we shout: “Who is like God?”

Thank you Yvette for working with us from a distance, thank you for the House of Ariel Gate who prayed with us.