Ariel Gate Christian Academy (218-581 NPO) has entered its fifth growth year, since it was established in 2014, from 27 learners to 137 learners (2019). We are a non-profit organization which believes that quality education should be affordable to parents. Natasha Barnard B.Com Hon, PGCE (Cum Laude) is the current administrator and principal of Ariel Gate Christian Academy and was instrumental in the establishment of the school.

We have learnt from our humble beginnings some key lessons, which have clarified our future objectives. 

Ariel Gate Christian Academy (AGCA) is an independent school located in Bothaville, Van Riebeeck Street 27, South Africa. The school was founded by Perez Ministry (January 2014) and is aligned with The House of Ariel Gate, who is commissioned to pray for the nations.

The school has recently been registered as a non-for profit school with the NPO Directorate (Department of Social Welfare South Africa), and has been operating as such, since its opening.

The number of learners have grown over the first five years from 30 to 129. However, even though there is a large number of parents applying to enrol their children at the school, we have run out of space. It is sad to send them away fully knowing the bad state in which education is found at the moment in South Africa.

The board of Ariel Gate Christian Academy wants to develop this model to its optimum and roll it out in other areas of the country and later African countries. There is amazing talent in the rural areas, but there is no quality schools to capture the talent and develop it even further. There is a massive migration of people to the cities, which should be reversed.

The first thing parents look for before relocating to an area is the location of good schools. Should there be good schools in rural areas, then it will trigger a large number of quality people to remain in the rural area and even attract more people to the rural area who is interested in living a less rushed life. This by itself will create more local jobs and stimulate the rural economies.


 Honesty, integrity and respect are essential for building trusting relationships.

 Each person is good, unique and has equal worth.

 All people are responsible for their actions.

 Open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential for living in a diverse community.

 Developing head, heart and hand is necessary to realize one’s potential.

 Leading a healthy and active lifestyle improves the quality of life.

 Expectations that are challenging lead to higher levels of performance and improve results.

 Commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance lead to success.

 Education is a shared responsibility of students, family and school.

 Contributing positively to society and the environment is our shared responsibility.

 Our lives and the life of the community are enriched by diversity.


For More Information Contact:   Natasha Barnard
Number:   +27 78 500 9672