We have exciting news!!

House of Ariel Gate is expanding!!

With the Jewish new year approaching, we feel it’s right on time for the new door / season that is about to open.  What does the new season entail? – we will wait with anticipation, knowing that the Lord has it all in His hands.  We just preparing as He leads…

What will be changing?

Our plans is to enlarge the ministry house and to increase the seating capacity to double the current capacity, at approximately 240 delegates seated. Upstairs the media department will also expand to adjust to the new layout.

Why these changes now?

With the cost of venues that are ever increasing, affordability  for us all becomes the concern. It has become ever more evident that our current building needs to be enlarged to be able to assist us with our bigger conventions.  The current meeting room size is just too small (and a bit cramped), but if we could double it – it would be perfect.  And that is our plan.

With our bookshop and media department fully functioning on site, nothing needs to be relocated for events.  Everything will be able happen on the House of Ariel Gate premises. Less planning and logistical organisation for us, means that the focus can increase on the leading of the Lord for the events. 

This being said, we working hard to have the expansion done by the end of October 2023.  As we would like to host our First Convention, 2 – 5 November 2023, with Dr Heard & Apostle Timothy Carscadden, in our new expanded ministry hall.

Trusting that you will keep us, and this project in prayer. We are continuing to post daily photos on our Facebook page, have a quick look and let us know what you think.

Expansion was announced and plans shared during our Sunday mornings service, 6 August 2023.

Keep watching this space!



Full Building View