15 & 16 November 2019

Dr Heard invited Apostle Natasha to do a Prayer Seminar at Inspire Church, Houston, USA, during November 2019, he prepared the intercessors and invited them to be a part of the seminar in the weekends prior to the seminar dates. He felt that this was exactly what the church needed for the next season.

People came to attend both sessions from as far afield as Corpus Christi, USA. It was such a privilege to serve leaders and intercessors from the various departments and various ministries. Many felt that something had been reignited for the Church.

Apostle Natasha shared on various aspects of prayer, especially on the pattern for the priesthood looking at the Tabernacle and the idea that we are called to be a royal priesthood and an holy nation. The anointing affected many, the reports and feedback from the seminar was excellent, many travailed after the first session and Dr Heard really felt that this was a good start to other teaching sessions.

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of spending the day with Dr Heard and family. We look forward to our next visit to Houston in early 2020, as Dr Heard is already planning the next conference… Watch our calendar, as we will advise on more details soonest…