9 & 10 November 2019


Frederick, Maryland was a new and interesting experience!  God provided some prophetic insights when the intercessors prayed into the area:

“I see a big tower, thin with a round structure at the top. I hear Toronto Tower.  I see a long black limousine drop Apostle Natasha and team off by the door of the tower.  The gate keeper of the tower opened the door and let Apostle Natasha in. She went to the top with spiral stairs and when she reached the top, she entered into the main control room. The control room was old and full of dust.  This control room is dual, radio tower and airport tower.  I hear the voice of revival went out from here.” 

Our hosts were Paul & Cheryl Black from Frederick. What a wonderful surprise to hear that Paul actually originates from Canada, and he told us that he had also previously worked in a radio station / tower. 

Apostle Natasha ministered Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  She spoke on Repentance, Travailing Intercession, The Protocol of The Kingdom, Trading with Heaven and How to Build The Tabernacle of The Lord.  

All the sessions is still available to listen to on YouTube:  
*  Saturday Evening – 9 November 2019 Link
*  Sunday Morning – 10 November 2019 Link 

We had such an awesome time with Paul & Cheryl and would like to thank them for the time we could spend with them.  A very special thank you to our mutual acquaintance for connecting us!