I have found this book really good and want to share some incredible nuggets packed for us in current life.

These excerpts are from different pages of the book:
“Because most people do not evaluate the underlying dynamic of this age in which they live, they do not discover this simple truth: It is an age now characterized by uncertainty. They keep thinking that they should be able to make their feelings of unsettledness just go away, so they try to fix the blame on somebody or something in order to fix things. They change jobs, careers, churches, friends, houses, spouses, activities – whatever seems to provide a change. Does it work? Of course not. We are dealing with something bigger than that.”

“You and I were destined to live in this present time. God has put us right where we find ourselves. He has equipped us and He will strengthen us to overcome all obstacles. He will help us endure hardship with unspeakable joy, because He wants to release great glory through us. This time of uncertain footing brings us to the threshold of the days we have only dreamed about. We just did not expect them to unfold like this.”

“We are in a new time and season and each of us has been handed a blank book. What will we write in our book? What are we breaking through to? Is this our agenda or God’s? What about this new era? Who are we supposed to be? What are we supposed to do? What other people should we team up with? Who are the players who will go with us? How can we find the best and the brightest, those who have readied themselves for the highest purposes of God?”

“You and I are prisoners of hope, having been chained by the God of hope. We are picking up pen and paper, scribbling out our future in dark times. Our names are already written in God’s Book; our inward parts and everything about us has already been recorded in God’s book. Our destiny is set. Will you believe in His vision and pursue it with passion? Will you write it and make it plain with your life, your words and your actions? Will you pick up your pen, so to speak, and put it to paper to record what happens?”

“If the presence of God or His anointing does not come to me as I pray over that matter, then I start to pray about the next thing on my heart or mind. I do that until at last I find His presence and I being to flow in prayer. Now I am in travail. The anointing of the Holy Spirit brings me into oneness with Him and suddenly I am carried along by the power of the Holy Spirit and my praying goes way beyond my understanding.”