Repentance School (USA)

6-21-2015 12:00:00 AM

18 – 20 June 2015

One of the clearest explanations on bloodline repentance ever done by Apostle Natasha! From the first session on the courts and the second about the heavenly legal system – this school is a progressive “how-to- do-it” line by line teaching. Two American bloodlines were dealt with, being the French and the English which began the journey! Comments from the attendees were that “this was a Life Changing conference” – highly recommended.

Shreveport Christian Centre hosted this conference and Apostle Timothy Carscadden graciously baptised hordes of people after they got the legal understanding of what happens in court!

The Repentance School is continuing to be sold and the CD’s and DVD’s will carry on the ministry into many peoples’ lives – testimonies are continually pouring in!

These are the session titles:
Session 1 – Opening
Session 2 – Jesus Is Our Advocate
Session 3 – Your Testimony
Session 4 – We Are Living Stones
Session 5 – Womb Service
Session 6 – The French Dis-Connection
Session 7 – Baptism And Seal Of The French
Session 8 – Judgement Books
Session 9 – English Dis-Connection
Session 10 – Spiritual Protocol