Rustenburg Visit
9-14-2016 12:00:00 AM
12 – 13 September 2016

By Peter Van Dorsen

Rustenburg Firehouse and Word School members had the honor to host:
Apostle of the House of Ariel Gate, Apostle Natasha Grbich;
Bothaville Firehouse leaders, Johan and Fransi Van Wyk from Perez;
Elizabeth Arceneaux from our USA Firehouse in Shreveport

The visitors where briefed on what was happening in Rustenburg, and more specifically on the Orange Tree Project (OTP), where one of the members had the vision of planting Orange trees on the sidewalks for everyone who is hungry to pick. All being part of God’s Greater Plan to reach the nations.

The Firehouse and the Word School members sat around a table and Apostle Natasha had a casual conversation, with the 22 members;

“You are created in the image and likeness if God”
Our Father loves us so much. He actually believes that we can represent Him.
Angels are watching us, because they want to learn from us what God is like; what He wants to do. So therefore we have a huge responsibility to become more and more like Jesus. As we say ‘no’ to things we know are wrong, we grow more into His image and likeness.

Apostle then touched on God’s Family;
When God is our Father, then we are His sons and daughters. We can however not always stay children. We need to grow up. God wants us to become full members of the Family – we need to become part of the Family business.

We have to grow into: “… the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ” Ephesians 4:13 and the completeness found in Him.
This is a measurement that’s been measured on us.
The angels are continuously measuring us against it.
The whole universe is looking at us!
I therefore cannot stay a child!!

After explaining the Ecclesia (establishment of the church) in the five fold ministry we took hands and call the ecclesia into being in Rustenburg.

Tuesday morning after breakfast the firehouse was commissioned to carry out the instruction of Jesus as in Matthew 28:19-20 for Rustenburg.

The Rustenburg FireHouse had such a blessed time in the presence of the Lord and are fired up to persue their purpose and plan as determined by our Heavenly Father before the foundation of the earth.