Durban Visit
9-13-2016 12:30:58 AM
September 2016

By Thozama

Apostle Timothy Carscadden, his wife Susan, and their son Isaac visited Durban FireHouse with Fransi & Johan Van Wyk (Perez, Bothaville FireHouse) and Elizabeth Arceneaux (USA Office & FireHouse)


Apostle Timothy’s visit was yet again a time of refreshing – reminding us of what God is doing in this region (KZN) to ensure that the government of God arrives in this City and then also into the Nation.

Placing Durban back on track through the prophetic word.The people of Durban have been running or going after the wrong things, this visit brought the city back to its original prophetic call and destiny in God.

He said Durban is a prophetic city, with prophetic people, who need to fulfil the prophetic message that they carry for the city and the nation– Rev 10:10 “THE LITTLE BOOK- SWEET IN THE MOUTH, BUT BITTER ON THE BELLY” – we need to carry out the prophetic message and make it known, decree and establish it so the will of God can come into manifestation. To keep the prophetic word active according to Joshua 1:8 – we live, breathe and absorb the prophetic word into our spirits. We need to have a hunger for it, and hold on to the hope that the word brings and until it will come into fulfilment.

He also released the call for individual persons purpose for the city of Durban and the Nations – PSALM 139 – GOD has pre-destined and pre-ordained all of our paths.
The Lord also sent an Angel with a Key, which Apostle Timothy released over the people – the key of David which was a sign that God was at work, to reopen old doors that have been shut in the region, and in the lives of people. We had a very fruitful time in Durban and are waiting to see what’s next for the city.