Report From Polokwane

4-9-2016 1:15:27 PM

By Khomotso Rapholo (Brix)

Wow!! What a day we had.

Apostle Natasha had so much revelation, but on such a very practical and even simple level for us to understand. She shared real practical examples, that all could follow, both the young and old.

This is one of the things that stood out for me:

Our journey with God is confined to time and that is why we need to upgrade daily in our fellowship with God, because we can easily be out of date with God.

Missing fellowship with God, could easily make us miss on an upload/revelation of what God is doing, and we can so easily be so stuck, that when we want to know what God is doing, we will still be functioning from our old frame of reference. Her message was an encouragement to get daily downloads and regular updates – just like a cell phone!

To conclude, Apostle Natasha shared about the cross, where the Father presented His Lamb, on the cross, for us. She broke down John 19:19 – what was written by Pontius Pilate – which really was about the Father presenting His Family’s Lamb with His Family name JHVH. Short for Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews!

This message is a definite MUST, to listen to. It will be relevant to all those who are pursuing a relationship with God!