Report From Houston & Shreveport, USA
4-1-2016 9:00:08 AM
March 2016
By Caroline Broom

I have been so priveliged to travel with Apostle Natasha to USA on this trip. An experience that has deeply impacted my life. Her grace, her love and generosity has touched me profoundly. I salute her for what she does, all the traveling and the price she pays to go to the nations.

I was overwhelmed in the beginning to see the first class service in the USA, wherever we went they could not do enough for us. Always ensuring our comfort with such grace and dignity.

First Stop:
Houston, Pastor Matthew Bismarck
Global Force (3 – 5 March 2016)

I just love Pastor Matthew his passion for Jesus and his energy impacted me. The worship team led by Warren were just incredible, such an anointing. The passion and the energy in the worship was beautiful the presence of the Lord thick in that place an open heaven.

The opening song was: “Thou has been our dwelling place from generation to generation”

Second Stop:
Houston, Dr Richard Heard
Christian Tabernacle Church (Sunday Service 6 March 2016)

There is a sense of the abiding presence of God in Christian Tabernacle.

Apostle Natasha taught on Adam and God and Gods hurt at Adams rejection etc. They have four services on Sunday which were all excellent and it was great to be in Dr. Richard Heards church.

Apostle also spoke about making room and space for God to land and if we want a different response we must do something different and pushing for revival really hungering and crying out for more of God.
Prayer is about judging yourself to see how far out of Gods culture you really are, ultimate prayer is about bringing others back to God. The meeting was particularly incredible we were all howling and overwhelmed with the presence of God.

On a lighter note, I was introduced to doughnuts in Houston.

Third Stop:
Shreveport, Apostle Timothy Carscadden
Christian Shreveport Centre

We went on from Houston to leaders meeting in Shreveport.

Apostle explained that we are priests unto the Lord. Praying without ceasing is about an attitude of spirit. It’s not about time but more about the attitude!

If we are constantly in intercession then we are constantly aware of every soul around us. She preached on John G Lake’s spirit soul and body teaching and it made great impact on me and many who were there.
Teaching is available on Youtube

The final meeting at Shreveport where Apostle dealt with the issue of facing our pain, as they were busy working through the book HOW TO STOP THE PAIN (highly recommended).
Teaching is available on Youtube

I realize that the enemy constantly wants to stop us dealing with our pain because the longer we are living in pain, the more inward focused and insular we are and the less time and effort we will put into reaching out to others.
Jesus called us into the Great Commission to reach out and to go into all the nations.

Guys, what I heard, in it all, is God longing for us and us needing to return with all we have in passionate hunger for Him.

The whole year at Ariel Gate, so far, has been about embracing and facing our pain, dealing with it, working through it and then also entering into the relationship Adam and God once had. The Father is longing for us to return, to repent and come into intimacy and depth with Him.
To go back to the ancient way, the ancient paths…


Apostle Natasha was loved to bits, she has an incredible platform in USA and God is surely increasing that in every way. Opening many doors, people are hungry desperate for the books, for information of which we have in such abundance here in the house. A huge thank you to Elizabeth Arceneaux who was not only my hostess, but an incredible asset to the ministry! To all who I met in the USA thank you again!