Clothed With Heavenly Robe

8-31-2016 12:00:00 AM

27 – 28 August 2016

By Cheryl Stanton

Apostle Natasha preached an excellent message on clothing.

Clothing is about what we are dressed with when appearing before God. We have a body which is clothed of God and we are supposed to radiate the presence of God. We should be looking like the stars. (1 Cor 15 v 40 to 45)

There are levels of radiating – a candle power level, a torchlight level, and enough light to light up a football stadium as a bigger, higher level of radiant light… etc. The radiance we radiate with will last for eternity – so here on earth is our chance to grow and develop and be clothed to be able to radiate with the glory of God which brings Him pleasure.

There are garments of salvation, garments of righteousness. The embroidering on a garment speaks of suffering. The garments are worked by angels and cannot be purchased. Our outer garments do not dictate the inner man garments. We lost our garments when Adam and Eve sinned for they had garments of glory from the presence of God. Now through Christ we are able to put on Christ.

The clothing we wear (spiritual clothing) symbolizes the rank and right standing with God; what God has consecrated each one of us to be. Laying our lives down, the suffering we go though in order for Christ to be fully formed in us, allows the glory of God to shine in us and there are levels of radiance. It is up to each one of us how much radiance we want to reflect of the glory of God.

Operating in gifts of the Holy Spirit does not mean we are consecrated. We need to invest our lives into the heavenly clothing for what we will be wearing is what was lost in the garden and more. So according to Ephesians 4:1 let us walk worthy of the vocation we have been called to and let us lay aside the old man and put on the new man according to Colossians 3 : 10 – 12