17 – 20 June 2019

Earlier this year Apostle Natasha was invited by Henning Schikora to come to France and minister on the topics of Courts Of Heaven and Trading With Heaven. She was accompanied in June 2019 by the team of Philip & Carolien Theron and Mieki Luff-Botha.  This is their feedback on the trip:
We will be doing it in 3 parts, as they are overflowing and have so much to share:  

Feedback By Carolien Theron – Part 1:

We had the amazing privilege to join Apostle Natasha on her trip to France.  

For me it started with a dream in the beginning of 2019 where I dreamt I was in a forest in France, praying for the country, but having the overwhelming sense that I was home.  We learnt that Apostle was invited to speak in France and in the months thereafter felt lead to join Apostle on this trip.

We learnt a few years ago that our forefathers were French Huguenots.  My grandmother was a Theron, I married a Theron, and we both came from the same Jacques Theron that came to South-Africa as a Huguenot.

We started reading about the French Huguenots and their steadfast faith that brought them to South-Africa and the rest of the world.  Although we were amazed by the sacrifices they made and the lives they lived, we hadn’t fully grasped the fact that the Lord is still busy with a move in that country, a country rich in martyrs and fathers of the faith.

We arrived in Vezenobre on the Saturday and were amazed when they took us on a tour through Nimes, the very city our “forefather” came from.  We then went to the Huguenot museum which was built in one of the homes where some of the Huguenots hid in the forest.  It is a museum rich in stories of bravery, steadfast faith, courage and prayer.  There were bibles the size of a thumb, which they used to hide in their hair.  They had areas in their homes where they used to hide fellow believers.  But what struck me most, was the intensity of the oppression and the strength they had in the Lord to withstand the rejection of their faith.

I was overwhelmed by a sense of awe, but more so, a sense of responsibility, knowing that the generations that have gone before us, have sacrificed so much and that there is a baton that has been passed to our generation, a baton I pray I will have the strength and courage to carry.

When we arrived at the campsite, we learnt that they were so excited about the message Apostle was bringing, that they gave her 9 sessions in total to speak.  

Most of the people there were part of a three month prophetic school, and this was the final conference before they returned home.  I am so grateful that the Lord had sent Apostle with a lot of foundational teaching, as we learnt that there were quite a few strange messages and ideas taught in the months prior to the conference.  

Apostle did an excellent job in explaining Courts of Heaven, Trading with Heaven, Travailing Intercession and Repentance.  She was very well received and the leadership commented a few times that they had such a sense of peace when she taught and prayed.  We did a few of the leaders’ bloodlines and one of the leaders received healing during the prayer.  

On our last day, we presented a vine stick from Franschhoek back to France.  When they learnt that we were all Huguenots, they broke down in tears and mentioned that they had prayed for months that the Lord would bring back the Huguenots to France, to bring the Good News to a very dark and unsaved nation.  

We are excited to see what will happen in this nation and we believe that this was the start of a new formed relationship and “spiritual highway” between the countries.

All glory and honour to God for all He has done and I thank Him for this amazing privilege.  May His Name be known and glorified in France and may everything that is written for France, come to its fullness, in Jesus’ Name.