17 – 20 June 2019

Earlier this year Apostle Natasha was invited by Henning Schikora to come to France and minister on the topics of Courts Of Heaven and Trading With Heaven. She was accompanied in June 2019 by the team of Philip & Carolien Theron and Mieki Luff-Botha.  This is their feedback on the trip – We will be sharing the report in 3 parts, as they have so much to share:
We will be doing it in 3 parts, as they are overflowing and have so much to share: 

Feedback By Philip Theron – Part 2:

Arriving in Vezenobres on the Saturday morning at the YWAM house with Henning and Nathalie Schikora was an absolute privilege and joy. The sincerity and love that we experienced in the YWAM community was so special. They were at the end of their 3 month prophetic school and having Natasha Grbich speak at the last and final event for the group showed their hunger for God’s prophetic voice. We had such a wonderful time in fellowship with the YWAM house students having meals and a lot of cheese 🙂

Nathalie with another missionary from Switzerland called Francesca, accompanied us to a near located town called Uzes where we attended the Saturday morning town market as is the norm all over France. This was a special opportunity which allowed us to see the culture and community of the French people in more depth. We all bought a food item and had a picnic for lunch overlooking the Cevennes mountain range, “Huguenot Country” in the south of France, absolutely beautiful. The French are such an easy-going community where picnics, anywhere at any time, are normal.

We then made the short trip from Uzes to the city called Nimes where our Huguenot forefather Jacques Theron originated from before coming to South Africa in 1688 due to the Huguenot persecution. The still intact colosseum and other buildings built around 25BC proved the heritage and deep history of France with the Roman Empire as well as the Catholic faith. A history and culture I did not know about until 2015 when God led us to the Huguenot museum in Franschhoek, South Africa, learning of our Theron heritage.

The following day Henning and Nathalie took us to the Huguenot Museum where we gained tremendous revelation of the lives and history of our Huguenot forefathers. How they had to practice their faith in secrecy in defiance of possibly being enslaved, tortured, killed or shipped to other countries. The very museum was an actual house of a practicing believer from the 17th century. The rich heritage of the anointing of the Huguenots is what the French church is praying and interceding for to return.

The next day we made our way to “Courts of Heaven Conference” hosted at the Gagnieres Christian Centre camp site. The venue was a large tent situated in a valley within the beautiful Cevennes valley mountain range. The very place where the Huguenots had their church service meetings 300 years ago! The love and support we received from the other attendees at the conference was truly special and overwhelming in some sense.

Apostle Natasha requested we start the conference in prayer with the other leaders and speakers. This laid an amazing foundation for the rest of the conference where Natasha was asked to speak all nine sessions. The messages were pivotal in laying a strong prophetic foundation and understanding that it all stems from an intimate relationship with our Father versus the more entertainment focussed recipe to manipulate God in giving you what you want.

Apostle covered everything from the Heavenly Courts, to Trading and Travailing Intercession giving a very good comprehensive complete view of why, when and how these functions are used for God’s purposes. Practical examples such as doing a corporate bloodline exercise gave the conference a real and tangible understanding of protocol to follow, in line with the leading of the Holy Spirit as to why God allows a court session and the preparation involved building up to such a session.

Mieki from Cape Town felt the Lord asked that a grape-vine stock from the Huguenot area in Franschhoek ,South Africa be taken back to France as a symbol that the anointing that went out with the French Huguenots in 1688 be brought back to France. This event was absolutely supernatural as the French people with tears of thanks while raising up songs of praise received this as confirmation to their intercessory prayer over many, many years, asking God to return the anointing of the Huguenots to its origin, La France.

We believe, and this was some of the testimonies, that this conference with the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, through Apostle Natasha Grbich, is the start of the Holiness Revival coming to Europe.