7 September 2019

By Nonhlanhla Gcabashe

First of all, on behalf of Hike and Pray Movement, Kingdom Embassy House and Assemblies that were represented at the Prayer Training, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for Apostle Natasha and the whole team of Ariel Gate. We sincerely felt and still feel the love towards us.

Her selfless laboring for us as a movement and ministry is dearly treasured. We cherish the whole Ariel Gate team, for their prayers as we prepared for the day.

What an indescribable prayer training.

I personally knew in my spirit that Apostle Natasha had arrived in Durban to shake the foundations of the City and the Body of Christ in the City.

As I sat there in the first session I could feel the intensity of God’s emotions as she ministered. God was grieved with most of us as His people in the City of Durban. Until that point had never considered His feelings and had been so pre-occupied with Him meeting our needs. We until that point we had never asked God what He felt.

We had been disengaged from His heart. A spirit of repentance hit the room as Apostle was flowing in the anointing. She made us understand that “God has emotions “ and that “Part of our job is to comfort God”.

In the first session Apostle Natasha taught us about how prayer is a conversation. She made an analogy of a relationship between a parent and a child, that this relationship is not about legalism or the right words or posture, but about intimacy and love. The level of my intimacy determines what God can trust me with.

This was the point where she was demolishing deep seated mindsets regarding what prayer is . She continued to teach that “Prayer is a family conversation”. 

In the second session Apostle dealt with the mindset of not wanting to pay the price of being part of what God wants to accomplish on the earth. We had to repent for not wanting to pursue the path of Jesus in order for God to receive the Glory through our lives.

“We are joining in a conversation that started with the saints of old. The blood of martyrs has been in a conversation that we must join in and continue with but we are too busy naming and framing and demanding our stuff.” – Apostle Natasha

In closing and anchoring our spirit, Apostle shared several scriptures about the manner of our conversation:  Philippians 3:20 / Ephesians 3:22 / 1 Peter 1:15 / 1 Peter 1:18 / Ephesians 2:3

Our Conversation meaning:
A talk, discussion, heart to heart, exchange, dialogue, conference, intimacy.

Strongs 4175:  Government , Citizenship, Commonwealth

  • The administration of civil affairs (is in Heaven)
  • The law by which it’s administered
  • Our community
  • Our conduct

We must always tune in to what Heaven is in conversation about so that when we pray, “Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done”, we are speaking from a place of conversation with God.

God is in conversation about the state of the nation of South Africa, the Church and the Generation.

If we are to tune into and join the conversation, social media will not determine our narrative and perspective about the affairs of our nation, church and generation.

We will speak in alignment with God’s heart and passion. Pursue His purpose and be willing to even die for the Father cause! Let’s hate what He hates the way He hates it. Let’s love what He loves the way  He loves it!

Instead of being tossed to and from by opinions of man we must anchor ourselves in Heaven’s opinion!

Apostle Natasha sealed the day with the much travailing erupting in the room.

We praise Jesus.

What a gift we have in our generation.


Some feedback from some who attended:

“I personally feel like I need to start over, I am convicted and I repent” 

“…There are things we need to unlearn which was good enough to take us out of Egypt, but now we need this knowledge that we recieved at the prayer training  in order to possess the promised land.
It’s easy to say we know yet we don’t know. Personally I’m messed up (convicted). I started reading the book on Repentance, which I bought on the day, I thought I knew Jesus, I thought I knew about the Cross, I thought I knew how to pray… Only to find out that I don’t know.”

“Apostle Natasha addresses issues at a cellular level, she dismantles and reorders everything in you as you listen. There was such an impact that hit us to the core.” 

“One of the things that really struck a chord with me as Apostle was preaching was, are we playing with idolatry when it comes to our children. It made me look at parenting differently.
We cannot play God to our children . As much as we’d like to shield them from hardships, we must be careful not to oppose the purposes of God. Even if it’s painful. So I repent.”