1-30-2015 12:37:08 PM

By Sharon Peters

Greetings from Cape Town

We were privileged to have Apostle with us in Cape Town for a day seminar in November 2014. She shared an excellent report with us from ICAL. We were very encouraged to hear the comments from Dr Mark Chironna and other senior apostles as they echo so much of what we as an AG Ministry have been discussing.

The report from the school in Phoenix was also excellent. We could really sense an urgency for more schools like this to happen in the States as well as other places. There is such a validation for bloodline schools to happen around the world. People were also so encouraged by the teaching on the different positions of prayer that Jesus stood in before the Father. This has given many people understanding of a much more holistic approach to prayer.

Apostle did a very good demonstration of the court in session and how this affects destiny. There was a good explanation on prophecy according to Rev 19. Some people have not heard this before and were amazed at this truth. We finished by doing a bloodline demonstration for one of our Zimbabwe ladies. It was great to see the flow of vision that happened for folk in this time.

We finished with a real sense of understanding, many questions were answered.

Thank you Apostle Natasha.

Cape Town Fire House