Next Generation – Living Waters

10-25-2013 4:20:09 AM

This was our first Next Generation in Bothaville – and God really answered the hunger of the young adults in that region. Here are some comments from the young people that attended the weekend:

I feel like I am leaving the conference a changed person, ready to spend every day worshipping and celebrating the Lord.
Catherine Garris

The Next Generation conference was really inspiring. One goes to a conference never knowing what God is going to do. The importance of honouring the generations before us was explained because we need to take the revelation from the previous generation for the dominion to keep on flowing. A deeper understanding of those words came over me the weekend and we must not re-invent the wheel but expand and build on it. On a daily basis we are also confronted with pain/issues etc and during the weekend the importance to endure and to keep on drinking from the cup was enlightened. At the end by pressing forward and to keep on drinking from the cup we will get experience and finally our identities will be shaped in order to fulfil our destiny.
Some other key statements which really affected me:
1) It is only those who change that can change things
2) We must have a deep desire to have a deep fellowship with God
3) We are informed but not transformed
4) The Holy Spirit does not recognise a title but recognises authority
Petru Fourie

The thing that I have learnt most is that I shouldn’t have any doubt in God. He is always there for me. Always put HIm first and let Him be in control.
Herman Nel

During every session and workshop I learned something, but leading up to and throughout the conference I experienced an emphasis of humbleness. I learned a lot from the gifts session as I did not fully understand the different types of gifs and its more clear now. But what I experienced most out of this session, which can also be attached to humbleness again: Is not to focus on your gifts of what you have received and what you can do with it -and that is exactly what happened to me when none of my gifs started to flow I started to think something is wrong with me; Instead of seeking God and to KNOW Him and being sensitive to the Spirit so He can manifest through me. I also understand that your gifts are to serve others.
Kruger Van Wyk

I have more love for Father God than ever before, just because of the His presence. And I do not care what anyone says anymore, I will do what God wants me to do in my generation – no matter what!
Elinda Coetzee

From the start of the conference you could feel that there was such a hunger and a crying out for God that you could not explain. As the weekend progressed, it was as if God was releasing His Spirit and giving more of Himself. On Saturday evening there was a massive breakthrough for everyone. We really connected with God in worship. It felt like we were worshipping in the living waters. God opened a well in the spirit, in Bothaville. God also gave back the voice for Bothaville and for that region. There are anointed leaders that will come from that part of the world. God will use them in a mighty way and I look forward to see what He does in the lives of those young adults that cry out to God. Bev’s last session just summed it all up. She gave us direction on what to do with the experience and encounters and especially the stuff that we have learned and how we should start applying it in our lives.
Eugene Pelzer